‘Proudly Aussie Made since 1992!’

Affordable, Australian Custom metal guillotines and folders

Designed, Engineered and Manufactured to perfection!

Welcome to Keech Engineering

 Why Choose Us?


  • Durable Quality & Customisation!

    We have over 50 years’ experience and manufacture to your specs with the highest degree of accuracy.

    All of our components are guaranteed to perform at their peak for many years to come.

    If you are looking to buy metal guillotines or folders in Australia you must browse our range.

  • Locally Made!

    We manufacture in St Marys, NSW, enabling us to supply your machines faster and to keep complete quality control.

    When it comes to service and advice, you won’t find better.

  • Outsource Your small or intermittent Jobs to us!

    We have the flexibility to accept subcontracts for your guillotine and folding jobs.

    Lathe, Milling, Welders, Auto-Saw and a Variety of Drilling Machines are available.