The Grand Keg — Guillotine — 3,080mm length x 3mm thick — Serial KEG-103H

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Price (exc GST): $17250
Blade length: 3,080(mm)
Cuts mild steel thickness maximum: 3(mm)
Cuts stainless steel thickness maximum: 1.2(mm)
Cuts aluminium thickness maximum: 4(mm)
Cuts composite thickness maximum: 7(mm)
Cuts diamond grill thickness maximum: 7(mm)

Flat top bed. Double edge D2 stainless quality blades 2mm. 4kw motor. Quality Italian made hydraulic system. Hydraulic clamping system. Full length foot pedal so operator can easily walk up and use machine. Fully guarded with cut out safety switch on rear gate. Back stops 400mm long. Squaring arm. Front arm supports 450mm long. Teflon bushes used to minimise maintenance. Fully machined heavy duty slides to guide top blade through cut. Spherical plane bearings. Single phase 3mm unit also available. Easy to operate. Australian made. 12 month warranty. Delivery Australia wide. Spare parts on the shelf. Sold for more than 20 years. Set up and tested before delivery.

Machine specifications

Length: 3,400mm
Width: 1,200mm
Height: 1,200mm
Weight: 2,600mm

Power: Hydraulic
Phase: Custom
Notes: Single Phase or Three Phase machines can be built with different power supplies upon request but this will slightly change characteristics of the machine running speed and price. Where the power supply is marked as optional means there is no difference in performance or price whether using Single Phase or Three Phase power.

All cutters can do Diamond Grill and Composite guillotine but must know before ordering machine because of clamp size.

Additional information

Weight 2200 kg
Dimensions 3600 × 900 × 1200 cm

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